Showroom Sessions 01: Emmi Elliott

Showroom Sessions 01: Emmi Elliott

May 23, 21

Nashville-based pop artist and songwriter Emmi Elliott spent an evening in the showroom with her fellow musicians, Hannah, Garrett, and Danny to perform an exclusive version of her single, 'Human.' Emmi is wearing the Deconstructed Blazer and Pocket Short by Sonia Carrasco, and Hannah is wearing the Ribbed Knit Stripe Dress by Dion Lee with the Petra Necklace and Mini Calypso Hoops by Demarson.


We asked Emmi about her inspiration behind the song and this arrangement: 

"I wrote this song over zoom with my best friend at the beginning of quarantine. The beginning of isolation not only brought me to a place of deep introspection, but awakened a deeper understanding of the human experience. As a pure optimist, I long for beauty and loathe heartache. While heartache rose to the forefront of my mind, I began to think about why I resist heartbreak, disappointment, and failure so much. As my thoughts shifted and shaped with time, I found myself with a greater embrace for life itself. I thought perhaps the human experience is doing your best and accepting the oscillation of all the joy/grief, beauty/sorrow, mountains/valleys in life. I wrote this song as an overflow from those thoughts. I truly believe creativity at its best, is a collaboration with the human experience. Having the chance to work with these remarkable musicians and the MODISTE team is an incredible honor. Each of these people value creativity and how it radiates the beauty of life itself. I hope you enjoy! x


Watch the film, here. 


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