How To: Building Your Capsule Wardrobe

How To: Building Your Capsule Wardrobe

Jul 01, 22
By Maggie Kehr


Capsule wardrobes are all the rage these days. My social media feed is flooded daily with short montages of people throwing together ten different outfits from the same four pieces. How do they do it? What qualifies as a capsule wardrobe? Is it possible to emulate this in my own life? Well, I am here to give you the 101 about all things capsule wardrobes. Spoiler alert: It's possible for your closet too!


First, let's tackle the definition of what a capsule wardrobe is. Caroline Joy of Unfancy describes a capsule wardrobe as "a practice of editing your wardrobe down to your favorite clothes (clothes that fit your lifestyle + body right now), remixing them regularly, and shopping less often and more intentionally." Ultimately, a capsule wardrobe benefits your wallet and storage and contributes significantly to the environment. In a world that relies so heavily on fast fashion and quickly buying new trendy pieces then ditching them a week or two later, capsule wardrobes allow for a timeless and reparative approach to today's trends. 


How can you build one in your own life? You can start fresh entirely, or you can take a look at your current closet. If you go the current closet route, it's time to take out anything you know that you'll never wear again and donate it! Donating is a better alternative than adding to the fashion waste in landfills. Then sift through the rest and pick out the pieces that are the absolute loves of your life. These can stay. For the remaining pieces, evaluate how they work with your lifestyle and the current season. If you are constantly on the go and need more movable and breathable pieces, make that the bulk (six to eight tops) and keep three to four nice tops to rotate through for other events/outings. Again, keep in mind the season. Make sure you mix in long sleeve tops with short sleeves/tank tops. You're already almost there! Do the same with pants. If you need more shorts than long pants, make that the bulk, or visa-versa. For shoes, stick to three-four pairs for whatever activities you need—Dress shoes, heels, sneakers, running shoes, etc. Capsule wardrobes are highly customizable for YOU, making them an ideal wardrobing choice! Colors that you like together, silhouettes that fit your vibe, it's all up to you what goes into this. You can't do it wrong.


Some MODISTE pieces are perfect if you want a more neutral route that can mix and match easily for the summer to fall transition.



The Berkeley Cashmere + Silk Blend Tee is the perfect casual tee you need in your selection.

Paris Georgia's Knot Top in Pear allows for some breathability with a bit of warmth.

The Argia Knit Top brings the joys of a summer tank top and lovely fall knits together.

The Rookey Blazer in Washed Black Denim is the perfect jacket to throw on for a cool night or the early fall days.



Vegan Suede Crocheted Trousers are a perfect shade of cream to add to your collection.

Rachel Comey's Bandini Shorts pair perfectly with many styles and aesthetics. 

The Bosha Skirt adds a fun pop of color and shine to your wardrobe.

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