MODISTE & The City

MODISTE & The City

Jan 07, 21

Start spreading the news...because we're making an appearance in the Big Apple. Unfortunately, we don't mean a brick and mortar space (yet), but by way of wheat paste posters scattered about Manhattan and Brooklyn for the next two weeks. We couldn't be more excited to be making our advertising debut in New York City, and we're so proud of the image for this campaign, shot by NYC-based Brett Warren. 


If you're based in New York, be sure to keep an eye out for our posters and if you tag us on Instagram, we'll even send you an exclusive discount code to use online. We've listed some of the addresses below. See you in the city! 



118 10th Ave

463 W 19th St
279 10th Ave
508 W 28th St
303 W 30th St
232 W. 30th St
406 W31st St

112 W24th St




40 W27th St
55 W26th St
100 W26th St




836 6th Ave

18 E 36th St




463 Broadway
2 Cleveland Pl
68 Crosby



East Village & Greenwich Village

154 W14th St
125 2nd Ave
44 2nd Ave




176 Mott St
51 Spring St



120 S 4th St
204 Bedford Ave
200 Bedford Ave
110 N 6th St
649 Driggs Ave
54 Wythe Ave
8 Berry St
14 Berry St
168 N.14th St


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