Missoni Spring 2022 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show | Vogue


Missoni was started as a family brand and continues to be so 69 years later. Ottavio Missoni and Rosita Missoni established the brand in 1953 and subsequently started one of the biggest names in fashion. The brand is well known for its famous zig-zag pattern and the beautiful colors that Ottavio and Rosita would work together to make. In 1998 Ottavio and Rosita's daughter came in as the brand's creative director. With her new position, Angela brought a younger perspective to the brand while still sticking to the traditional patterns and colors that her family had made for so many years. In 2022 the brand announced Filippo Grazioli, former Burberry design director for women's runway, as the new creative director. Missoni continues to make great pieces and sticks to the traditions that built the brand, putting family

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