Tuscan Summer Uniforms

Tuscan Summer Uniforms

Jun 08, 21

Being swept away on a summer holiday after a year of, well, you know, is just the thing you need. I’ve styled seven on-season outfits for you to pack for your next getaway. Trust me, you’re going to feel instantly transported to the Italian Coastline perusing these looks.



Fresh Starts


Imagine you're gazing out from your Tuscan villa feeling soothed by the greenery and sun rays shining through the open window. Pair our favorite Ribbed Dress with the Bralette for a sophisticated airport look that will have TSA giving you a double take, but for all the right reasons. Add a little bling and a “no fuss” bag, you little jet-setter.


Piccolo Caffè


Espresso machines purr as you step through the door of a neighborhood caffe, admiring the aroma of freshly ground beans. Feel effortless and carefree while enjoying your mornings in the Umi Tank paired with the Bird Culottes.


Vineyard Strolls


You've got a 1980 Nebbiolo in hand and the refreshing breeze tousles your hair. Enjoy a Tuscan wine tasting while sporting your favorite cottage-core attire: Our Slice Cotton Dress with a simple Pochette will make your Pinterest fantasies run wild.


Picnic in the Field


A cotton blanket is filled with local delicacies as you sit and admire the hills around you, all the while sipping on some sparkling water. Continuing on with the cottage-core Italian dream, picture yourself in Bustier Top with the Wilkes Jeans. This is what we call “living life to the fullest.”


Harvest Market


You're now surrounded by stalls full of fresh crops and handmade art as you chat with locals - getting a few giggles and smiles with your pronunciations. You will have outdone yourself with your outfit, but still blending right in, wearing the Floia Dress alongside the Chic Combat Boots.  


Dancing Under the Stars


Music surrounds you as you're dancing with friends - old and new - never wanting to forget this night. Catch the eye of someone new in your Wire Silk Jersey Skirt. and that’s not the only thing they will be swooning over.




Take a dip in Lake Como and float on your back to take in the blue sky above. This is where all of those stories begin, in the heart of the place that you loved most. Remember it in the Catua Shorts.


By Channing Shettle

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