[ moh-deest; French maw-deest ]
A female maker of or dealer in women's fashionable attire.


Welcome to MODISTE™

MODISTE™ is a thoughtfully curated collection of Jami-lyn's favorite pieces from leading and independent makers. She wishes to honor the designers making a difference in our industry — those who are fearlessly defying the odds and actively paving the way for change. If our business can bring light to those who stand out from the crowd (and in turn, introduce customers to fashionable women and designers), then we've done our job.

The Beginning

Founded by former fashion editor Jami-lyn Fehr Hall, MODISTE™ is Music City’s newest multi-brand boutique that combines the warmth of Nashville with high fashion brilliance. “Creatives are flocking to Nashville, but it’s not just to visit; they’re planting roots,” says the founder and creative director. Having moved here herself years ago, Jami-lyn discovered that while Nashville has an abundance of fashionable women, they’re lacking the places to shop in order to discover labels that truly resonate with them. While it’s wonderful to live in one of America’s “it” cities, these creatives and fashion-forward women tend to do their shopping in other locations, such as New York, LA, Miami, and Atlanta. Jami-lyn’s desire for an upscale shopping experience prompted the creation of MODISTE™, which launched online in November 2020 with a brick and mortar flagship showroom opening in the summer of 2021.


Considered Curation

At MODISTE™, we take great care in selecting the brands we offer. Some labels you may recognize, while others may be new to you; we’re proud to sell every single one of them! For some, we’re the sole retailer carrying them in Nashville; for others, we’re the sole retailer in all of North America, and we think that is pretty special! We’re working hard to introduce unique brands to Music City’s shopping scene and cannot wait for you to see what we have in-store and online!

Limited Quantities

For each piece we offer in-house and online, we purchase only 1-2 per size/per color. For accessories, we purchase anywhere from 3-5, so if you see something you like, we’d recommend you add it to your cart since pieces go quickly! We strategically operate this way to reduce excess, as our founder has made it her priority to limit the MODISTE™’s environmental impact.

Exceptional Care

While our prices are on the higher end, we always like to remind our clientele that the brands we offer manufacture their pieces in an ethical manner (this is across the board!). Not only that, but their pieces are made of the highest quality materials and fabrics. When you make a well-thought-out purchase that you appreciate in the long run, you’re helping to reduce fashion’s large footprint – as opposed to buying into ever-so-tempting ‘fast fashion.’ It is for this reason that MODISTE™ is committed to supporting smaller labels and female-led companies that design and manufacture with tremendous care and love.