MODISTE's Guide to Nashville

MODISTE's Guide to Nashville

Dec 24, 20


Nashville is one of the country's most bustling cities, and many people often pose the question our founder, "What should I do?" when in visiting Music City. Given that our flagship showroom is Nashville-based, it only makes sense that we've rounded up a comprehensive guide of our favorite spots so you don't miss a thing when you're in town. 




Nashville is one of the top growing food cities, and if you've only got a few days in Nashville, you may want to consider more than three meals per day. 

  • louYou're going to hear us say this often, but this is a MODISTE favorite. We like to refer to times in our lives "before lou" and "after lou." Chef and owner Mailea Weger brought her taste of California to Nashville, and is known for her breakfast cake and wine varietals. 
  • JoylandThis is just one of Sean Brock's newest endeavors (he's got three new restaurants just in Nashville, but it's one of our favorites. An elevated and playful take on a burger joint (that makes a mean impossible burger, too) that's nestled in the heart of East Nashville.
  • Biscuit LoveDon't tell anyone, but the Franklin location is the best (and least busy). If you try to go to the downtown location on a weekend, well, good luck. A Nashville staple. 
  • JosephineA true MODISTE favorite. You can often find our founder here on the weekends with a plate of fresh biscuits and their traditional french omelette in front of her. Don't skip out on the orange juice, either. It's fresh-squeezed and the best in Nashville. 
  • Cafe Roze: Pronounced like the flower, not the wine. This gem is good for coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner. You really can’t go wrong. Opt for the rose latte to start. If you’re in the mood for a sandwich, the burger is one of the best in town. This is in East Nashville, but if you're near Belle Meade, stop by Roze Pony for an equally as delicious experience. 
  • Little Gourmand: Nashville's very own slice of France. Here you can find a traditional french market with the opportunity to indulge in a classic Parisian 
  • Dozen Bakery: We go here for the carbs. Think fresh baguettes sliced in half with avocado or scrambled eggs. All baked right in-house (when the dining room is open, you can watch them at work)! 




  • Barista Parlor: The perfect place for working on a laptop or meeting with a friend over a classic Whisky Caramel latte (don't worry, they've got oat milk). 
  • The Loading Dock: This lovely little shop is in the front of the building that our flagship showroom resides in, and is family-owned and operated. They're the kindest people, with some of the best coffee in Nashville. 
  • Killebrew: Tucked away within The Thompson hotel in the gulch, this is the perfect coffee shop if you're searching for an urban vibe. 
  • Crema: One of the most carefully crafted coffee shops within Nashville. You can be certain your experience will be superb, even if you're a self-dubbed coffee snob. We recommend their Cuban. 
  • Humphreys Street Coffee: This lovely little spot is a hop, skip, and a jump away from the showroom and has delicious little pastries and picnic bench seating outside for perfect weather days. 




  • LocustA new spot in the heart of 12th South with a small, but mighty menu of dumplings, noodles and the most incredible shaved ice. 
  • YolanThe newest endeavor of renowned Italian chef, Tony Mantuano, located in The Joseph downtown. You can't go wrong as far as food goes, but whatever you do, do not skip dessert. 
  • Rolf and Daughters: An industrial but warm New-American dining experience that feels comfortable, but with high-end, well-plated dishes. Nashvillians like to go here for their take on pasta. 
  • Bastion: At first glance, you'll notice this is a bar, but tucked in the back behind a barn door is an extremely small 24-seat restaurant that offers a five-course choose your own adventure with plating and quality similar to that of a tasting menu. Incredible. 
  • FolkSome of Nashville's best pizza. However, we can't go without mentioning their brunch, as well. 
  • Two Ten Jack: Every city needs a great ramen spot, and this is it. Lucky for us, they do more than just ramen, and literally everything is delicious. Don't try and take home leftover ramen, though. They won't let you. Eat up!




  • The Joseph: One of Nashville's newest additions, and an utter masterpiece. From the works of art from the owner's private collection to the restored London cab with a Burberry interior, there's not an element that wasn't thought about heavily, and you can tell. 
  • Dream Nashville: A taste of New York City in Nashville. Plenty to eat and drink right within the hotel, as it's smack-dab in the middle of historic Printer's Alley and houses two bars, a restaurant and a coffee shop. 
  • The Hermitage: Arguably Nashville's most historic hotel, and one of only a few true five-star hotels in the city. It was Nashville's first million-dollar hotel, and the architecture and interiors certainly speak to this fact. Many-a-celebrities spend time in the downstairs Oak Bar. 
  • The Harpeth Franklin: If you're looking for a little Downtown Franklin getaway, this is the perfect spot to do so. It's in walking distance from everything you need, whether it be shops, coffee, food or history, and just a short drive to our flagship showroom. 
  • JW Marriott Nashville: Another new, luxurious high-rise in the heart of downtown. Our favorite element is the steakhouse on the top floor. You truly cannot top the views from Bourbon Steak. 




  • Seasonal Sports: Nashville has quite a few sports teams that you can cheer for while you're in town (if that's your cup of tea). The Nashville Predators NHL team has made a name for itself as the team with the rowdiest and loudest fans, which certainly makes for a good time. Nashville is also home to one of the MLS's newest soccer teams, for those with a yearning for a little English football. Lastly, there's of course the Titans if you're more into American football. 
  • Franklin Farmer’s Market: There are a few farmer's markets in Nashville, but Franklin's Saturday market is indisputably the best. It's quaint but well-stocked, and is where you can find the freshest veggies, fruits and local goods. You don't want to miss out on Ellie's doughnuts, either. The line may be long, but it moves very fast, and it's important to note it's cash only. 
  • Rare Bird: Nashville's got a few rooftop bars, but Rare Bird is one of the prettiest with some of the best views. 
  • Bastion: Remember us mentioning their 24-seat restaurant? If that's not your vibe, the bar is 10/10 with crafted cocktails and delicious snacks. Not far from the showroom, either. 
  • The Frist Museum: We're suckers for art over here at MODISTE (you'll find art by SK Hix on display available for purchase in our showroom), and we can't go without mentioning Nashville's staple museum. They've always got a great exhibit on display, and most of the time you're allowed to take photos (flash off, of course). 
  • Concerts at The Ryman: Always check what's on at The Ryman before you get into town! It's not always country, and the venue is small so shows tend to sell out rather quickly. 
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