Jun 19, 23


By Madison Bulloch

This week's designer spotlight has roots in Italy. Missoni is a luxury fashion house that originated in 1953 in Gallarate, Italy, with factories close to the Italian Alps. The brand's name comes from its founders, Ottavio and Rosita Missoni. Missoni's signature is the use of color and patterns (knitwear, zig-zags, waves, and stripes). They put a contemporary twist on knit, nodding to the 1920s when knit was all the rage. Kerry Washington, Priyanka Chopra, Dua Lipa, Vanessa Hudgens, and Sofia Richie are consistent wearers of the brand, and we can see you pulling off Missoni too.


Beyond the brand, Missoni also holds incredible values. They strive for excellence in their manufacturing, materials, and authenticity in all their designs. The hand-crafted, made-in-Italy feel paired with their unmistakable zig-zag stripes cannot be found anywhere else in fashion. Outside of their runway work, Missoni has paired up with Jennifer Lopez and the Women's Cancer Research Fund to help fight cancer by selling limited-edition $35 MISSONI tees, with the money going to several cancer charities.


We're so proud to carry Missoni at MODISTE. If you want to add any color to your wardrobe, Missoni certainly has you covered. The Vertical Meander Motif Dress is perfect for the heat of the summer with its lightweight knit design, and its sister, the Vertical Meander Halter Dress, is begging you to wear it on your next summer vacation. If you are searching for something you are okay with splurging on, we can't recommend the Striped Sequin Dress enough. You can shop the rest of Missoni at www.modiste.shop. Remember to tag us and follow us on Instagram: @officialmodiste

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