ICON Behavior: Senni Bloom

ICON Behavior: Senni Bloom

Jul 17, 23

Meet Senni Bloom:

Senni is originally from New Jersey, but moved to Nashville for university and never returned (though we aren’t sure we’ll be lucky enough to keep her forever– we hear her sights are set on London). She spends her work week hustling away as the Digital Director with Nashville Guru, but outside of that, she’s busy creating her own lifestyle, beauty and fashion content. As you can see on her Instagram, she’s a natural beauty with an effortlessly chic style to match, but she also has one of the most radiant souls you’ll ever come across. We had the pleasure of photographing her to accompany this interview, and she had us smiling the entire time.


How do you start each morning?

I’m an aspiring morning person! My morning routine is the time of day that I take for myself. I set my alarm early and do the classic girl thing where I hit snooze a few times, but once I’m up I like to journal and I set out my intentions for the day. After that, I’ll have my coffee, work on my Duolingo Finnish lessons, stretch, and make the bed. My work week revolves around what is happening in Nashville, which can both be crazy and exciting, so putting myself and my mental well-being first is incredibly important for me. 

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is just that, personal. Most of my style choices come from the things around me or that I grew up with. My childhood summers were spent in Finland with my Mom’s family and the Scandinavian/Nordic style is what I have always gravitated towards—simple, classic, and timeless silhouettes. Trends can be fun but I always find myself coming back to what makes me the happiest and most comfortable. When you have a wardrobe full of quality pieces, that don’t rely on trends, it makes getting ready during the week that much easier.

What advice would you give to someone struggling to find their style?

Do not follow every trend or micro trend. Finding your personal style means dressing for yourself, not how somebody else has told you to. Trend hunting can be expensive and is not sustainable. The cliche saying “quality over quantity” can be difficult to follow but it will be your best friend when building a wardrobe full of staples. Before I make any purchase I think to myself “Would this be something I would want to wear in five or ten years? Is it good enough quality to withstand multiple washes? Is this an item I could pass down to my daughter?” 

Who are some of your favorite designers or brands? Why do you gravitate towards them?

My favorite contemporary designers include Ganni, Djerf Avenue, Acne Studios, and Marimekko. They all tend to release silhouettes that fit my personal style and the quality of the clothing has been excellent. The mission statement behind these brands fits within my personal belief system—quality clothing that won’t fade or look dated as years come and go. I have been wearing pieces for years that still look new! For luxury designers, I usually purchase just accessories. I have a few pieces from Prada that I love and hit real points of nostalgia for me. 

What is your favorite trend right now you can’t get enough of?

Metallic footwear. The Adidas/Wales Bonner Samba “Silver Surfers” will probably send this trend into overdrive. I love being able to dress a metallic shoe up or down. It can add a lot of personality to a tonal outfit without being the center of attention.

What is a piece in your closet you think everyone should own?

A little black dress, for sure. I have a beautiful Rejina Pyo dress from Modiste that I wear for casual and formal outings. The versatility makes it a classic piece that you can dress up with heels and jewelry or dress down with a blazer and loafers.

What is your favorite thing in your closet? Think accessories & shoes, too!

Comfortable black loafers. I love my Weejuns from G.H. Bass. I find them to be classic, adorable, and you can walk miles in them without getting a blister. I just got a new pair of them in metallic silver that I love to wear with an all-black look. A good pair of loafers can carry you through any dress code.

What’s something sitting in your cart that you’re waiting to pull the trigger on?

My obsessions tab on TheRealReal has been calling my name. I love shopping secondhand designer at good prices. I missed out on an opportunity to buy a Chanel Flap Bag at an amazing price years ago and I won’t make that mistake again! A designer vintage bag at a good price always has a home in my cart.

Go-to lip product?

The Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner in Pillow Talk with the Summer Fridays Lip Balm in Pink Sugar. I love a flirty natural pink lip. 

What is a style tip or hack you can share with us?

My style hack is to shop in the men's section. So many good prices, blazers, and oversized button-down shirts. If you’re a taller girl you can also find inseams that will help you achieve whatever type of leg length you’re searching for.

Fun Fact:

I always get stumped on this question because I never know if my answer is “fun” enough or not so I will list a few (hahaha): I love love love cats, have dual citizenship with Finland (sadly not fluent yet), and I don’t love suspense so I read the last few pages and/or chapter of a book I am starting (I know, I know, it's weird). 

Who is your style icon?

I have two style icons, Blake Lively and Jennifer Lawrence. I’m a taller girl so I love to see what they are wearing and what cuts of fabric look best on them. Gossip Girl is my comfort show and I love to think about Serena’s outfits and how I can make a modern version of them. The current press run that Jennifer Lawrence is my whole mood board inspiration. Her looks are so put together and effortless. She’s never looked better!

Favorite Song Right Now?

Manic by Kev Kelly <3 (We love the shameless boyfriend plug here. We also love Kev. He's a MODISTE King.)

Lastly, what is your favorite piece on MODISTE’s website at the moment?

This might be the hardest question because there are so many things I love, but I am really into the Acne Studios Trench Coat! A truly timeless and classic piece to have in your wardrobe forever. Modiste carries so many beautiful and well-crafted pieces that whatever I purchase, I know it will have a place in my closet forever. 


Shop Senni's pieces here! Thanks for reading. xo


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